PS3 'to end hardcore-only stigma'

Move developers seeking to bring in casual gamers from a Nintendo-dominated marketplace
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Sony’s PlayStation 3 will no longer be pigeonholed a hardcore-only console, according one of the first developers building a game for the system’s new Move motion controller.

Jon Torrens, designer on the upcoming Move-based title TV Superstars, joined a group of Move developers who recently spoke to Develop about their intentions with the upcoming peripheral.

“The PS3 will become properly inclusive and people will think hardcore games and casual games all use one controller. There won’t just be casual gamers picking it up, but the hardcore gamers picking it up and realising we can all play together,” he said.

Sam Dickinson, co-developer of TV Superstars, agreed with the sentiment.

“Family and party games which we’re working on don’t have the barrier of someone understanding the controller better than someone else,” she said.

Forthcoming SOCOM producer Elliot Martin was also keen to reinforce the idea that Move-based titles will open up play for casual and harcore gamers alike.

“Move allows the player to correlate what’s happening on the screen to their actions so they don’t loose any of the level of control; it’s just presented in a way that’s easier for them to understand,” he said.

“That allows the new SOCOM to be a game that genuinely appeals to a hardcore audience as well as the newer casual gamer who may never have considered a title like that before.”

The full interview can be read here.