PSP Minis launch drives PSN revenue spike

SCEAâ??s Eric Lempel announces record PSN downloads and revenues during PSPgo launch week
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The US PlayStation Store has seen a surge in traffic and revenue since the launch of PSP Minis, according to Sony, as an increasing number of game enthusiasts buy into the concept of digital gaming.

Sony Computer Entertainment America chief Eric Lempel told Joystiq that the US launch week for PSPgo and Minis had yielded “our largest number of downloads ever for a week's time period”.

Lempel also revealed that the lower price point of Minis – a key factor in the PSN’s growing download volumes – had not stung Sony’s revenues.

“[PSPgo launch week] was our second highest week of revenue in the history of PlayStation Network,” he said. “It's been tremendously busy on the storefront.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Lempel revealed that, despite the traffic and revenue jump, Sony’s internal studios are not yet working on Minis.

“That could change, again,” he said, “but right now, I don't believe any of the studios are working on minis.”