PSP2 OS 'not Android'

Next generation PlayStation handheld unlikely to host Android games
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Kaz Hirai, chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment, appears to have said the PSP2 will not run on Android’s operating system.

The claim would be a further indication that Sony’s new relationship with Google is solely to allow PlayStation product to be played on various Android devices, and not for Android games to be available on the PSP2.

Sony announced this month that it is to launch the PlayStation Suite, a software platform that allows PSP and PSP2 developers to port their games to Android.

In a further swing at Apple’s smartphone business, Sony will also allow Android devices to access and download certain games from the PlayStation Store.

Yet a Kaz Hirai interview with the Japanese press, translated via news site Andriasang, appears to have revealed Sony won't port Android games on its own hardware.

“Internally, PSP2 uses an original games-oriented operating system," Andriasang paraphrased Hirai as saying.

The news report continued: "It's not Android. Different from the PSP, the OS has a modern framework akin to a PC.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Hirai said developers of older PSP games have been asked to repurpose their code to become compatible with PSP2.