Saints Row dev Volition releases unfinished PSP spin-off for free

Saints Row Undercover was canned back in 2009
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A handheld instalment in the Saints Row franchise has finally seen the light of day – despite being cancelled seven years ago.

Volition began work on a portable version of Saints Row 2, before transitioning the game into its own entity.

Initially titled Saints Row: The Fall, before being renamed to Saints Row Undercover, the PSP project was planned to include features such as an open world, player customisation and a tutorial, before being shelved in 2009.

“It really wasn't living up to what a Saints Row game could and should be,” community manager Mike Watson explained to Gamespot.

Volition found what remained of the forgotten title hidden away on a dev kit last week, and streamed some of its gameplay online for fans to see what might’ve been.

Now, the studio has decided to give away the unfinished game for free, releasing a playable ISO file of Undercover to Unseen 64 for the sake of archiving.

It can be played using a PSP emulator on PC, but has so far been reported to not be compatible with standard PSP hardware modified to run unofficial files.


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