Scaleform arrives for Wii

UI tool arrives on Nintendo's tools program
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Nintendo’s third party tools programme continues to grow further, as Scaleform announces that its Scaleform GFx user-interface middleware is now Wii compatible.

Scaleform GFx lets artists take control of the user-interface creation vector-based such as Flash. The technology takes these vector shapes and tessellates them, enabling fast hardware accelerated rendering.

“We made sure the Scaleform GFx architecture works well with existing game engines on Wii, as well as new ones, said Brendan Iribe, president and CEO of Scaleform.

“Moreover, Scaleform GFx delivers a range of cursor features designed to take advantage of the Wii Remote’s enormous potential. With Scaleform GFx, developers can have the best of both worlds: artist-based data-driven content and hardware-accelerated scalable graphics.”