Unity now available for Wii

PC/Mac and iPhone engine expands into console space
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Unity Technologies has announced that its Unity game engine is now officially authorised as a third party Wii tool.

The low-cost engine, which already supports desktop and browser-deployed games, now supports enhanced functionality to take advantage of the Wii's characteristics, including a simple Wii Remote scripting class and an expanded ShaderLab to take advantage of the Wii's graphics chip.

"Unity has streamlined the game development process with an engine that is tuned for quickly and efficiently creating and porting games to the Wii," said David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies.

"Unity provides the fastest iteration time, which is crucial when a developer wants to make best use of the Wii console's innovative controllers. Developers can create rich, visually engaging 3D content through a process that is simpler and more seamless than any other tool set available -- regardless of the platform."