Xbox 360 shifts over 750k on Black Friday weekend

Sales down from last year's record, but still enough to beat the Wii U
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Microsoft has revealed the Xbox 360 sold over 750,000 copies during the "black Friday" weekend.

This number is down from last year's record sales of 960,000, but is still a significant accomplishment for an aging console.

Microsoft has brushed off all rumors of a next generation console by pointing to "new life" for its current-gen tech by way of the Kinect.

Though few believe that a next-generation console is truly out of the picture, an industry eager for new hardware may find these numbers a bit disheartening.

If Microsoft can nearly double Wii U sales of 400,000 units, there is little financial incentive for the hardware manufacturer to make a big gamble on expensive new tech.

While early sales of the Wii U indicate there is still a good market for new consoles, the Wii itself sold 475,000 during its debut.

The success of the old console in stores may have a lot to do with its bundle deals, which start at $99 complete with a Kinect in exchange for a two-year Xbox Live contract.

Whatever the larger effect these figures will have on the next round of console wars, it goes without saying that Microsoft can count this as a win.