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Cryptic Studios' former executive producer returns

Dan Stahl quits Zynga after ten weeks

No more than two months since Dan Stahl announced his departure from Cryptic Studios to join Zynga, the experienced producer has quit the Farmville company and returned to his old haunt.

“My time at Zynga was fun and interesting, but I really missed working with my colleagues here,” Stahl (pictured)said on his old employer’s website.

“There is something magical going on at Cryptic these days and I’m very happy to be back working on the MMOs that I personally love to play. Being a part of Perfect World is having such a great positive impact on this company.”

Prior to his departure at Cryptic in September, Stahl had worked at the Star Trek MMO developer for three years.

His brief role at Zynga has not been publicly discussed any further.

“After talking with [the studio] about returning, I accepted a position as a senior producer managing the Foundry [user generated content] tools at Cryptic Studios,” Stahl added.

“I’ve always been passionate about user generated content and community developer involvement.”

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