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Warning! Developers' response to criticism over new IP is, er, not very polite

David Jaffe fights back against Drawn to Death critics

It’s probably fair to say that the response to PS4 Drawn to Death has been mixed. At best.

The game was revealed at Sony’s PlayStation Experience event earlier this week and was quickly leapt upon by assorted internet commenters.

Now in a video posted on David Jaffe’s personal YouTube channel, the developer has gathered a few that struck a chord – and issued a response.

The featured comments read:

  • “It looks like Splatoon. Minus everything I love about Splatoon.”
  • “Four players maximum arena shooter? Nah, son.”
  • “The art sure takes me back… I don’t know if I likebeing taken back.”
  • “Why in god’s name would I play a 4-player shooter”
  • “I think David Jaffe’s entire life is set inside a high school notebook”
  • “Who keeps letting Jaffe make games?”
  • “I bet this would be pretty great… back in 1998.”

The video ends with the following caption: “Thanks for the comments! #gofuckyourself”

MCV has the full story, and the aforementioned video.

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