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DDR4 RAM could arrive for PC by the end of the year

Memory maker Crucial has said that DDR4 RAM will be available for the first time by the end of the year.

The new tech offers several advances over the now standard DDR3 seen in the vast majority of modern PCs. It runs at 2133MHz, which is far in excess of DDR3’s 1000MHz. It also offers 300 per cent the density, meaning sizes will start at 4GB and single slots sticks will be able to support up to 16GB.

It also uses 20 per cent less power than DDR3.

On the downside, those hoping to buy DDR4 face the prospect of kitting out their PC with a brand new motherboard. And don’t expect it to be cheap. As a result, it’s unlikely to become the standard in new PCs until a year or more after launch.

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