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Texas-based studio now able to make sequels to Nintendo DS horror FPS series

Dementium dev Renegade Kid reclaims IP rights

Renegade Kid has taken back the rights to one of its most popular IP, Dementium.

The horror FPS series started life on the Nintendo DS, with a HD remake of the second game brought to Steam by Memetic Games. But Renegade Kid has been unable to continue the series because the rights were held by previous publisher SouthPeak.

But the studio’s co-founder Jools Watsham has announced via Twitter that this is no longer the case, according to Eurogamer.

"I am ecstatic to announce that Renegade Kid now has the rights to create Dementium sequels! Excite!" he wrote.

"Dementium sequels were tied up with previous publisher. But no more!"

Renegade Kid previously tried to crowdfund a spiritual sequel called Cult County, but the Kickstarter campaign failed – partly due to the lack of a recognisable brand.

There’s no word on what Renegade Kid plans to do now that it has the rights back. Its other notable DS first-person shooter Moon was revamped and released episodically for 3DS, although the studio may prefer to find a publisher or attempt crowdfunding again.

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