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Necrosoft Games' Brandon Sheffield slams Nintendo for cutting ties with product marketing specialist Alison Rapp 'because GamerGate didn't like her'

Dev pulls Wii U game in response to controversial Nintendo firing

Necrosoft Games has cancelled a planned Wii U title after Nintendo fired marketing employee Alison Rapp.

Rapp has been the victim of online abuse and a smear campaign from certain online hate groups. She has been held accountable by these groups for Nintendo’s recent decisions to better localise its games for the Western markets – including removing elements such as the ‘breast slider’ in Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Rapp announced yesterday that she was dismissed because she is no longer ‘a good, safe representative of Nintendo’. This has provoked anger from the games industry for what they perceive as Nintendo failing to support their employee. One such comment came from Brandon Sheffield, who told his users that:

However, Nintendo denies that the online abuse suffered by Rapp had anything to do with her dismissal. In a statement, the company said she was ‘terminated due to violation of internet company policy involving holding a second job in conflict with Nintendo’s corporate culture’.

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