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Acclaimed PlayStation developer was most successful studio based on UK retail

Develop Studio Sales Chart: Uncharted 4 puts Naughty Dog on top in May

The success of the latest Uncharted title has propelled Naughty Dog to the top of our monthly ranking of the world’s best studios.

The developer’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End fended off competition from Doom developer Id Software, Overwatch creator Blizzard and Battleborn studio Gearbox Software, as well as the ongoing best-sellers from EA Canada and TT Games.

Given the blockbuster nature of the last month’s biggest sellers, it will come as no surprise that eight of the top ten studios are publisher-owned, with Gearbox and Insomniac the only independent studios to rank this high.

US developers also dominated, claiming six out of the ten slots for May 2016.

As always, the studios are measured by UK revenue at retail, with data provided by GfK Chart-Track. Digital sales are not included in the calculations, nor are retail transactions made outside the UK.

The full Top Ten for March 2016 was as follows:

  1. Naughty Dog
  2. Id Software
  3. Blizzard Entertainment
  4. EA Canada
  5. Traveller’s tales
  6. Deep Silver Dambuster
  7. Massive Entertainment
  8. Treyarch
  9. Gearbox Software
  10. Insomniac

Take a more detailed look at the Top 20 by clicking the image below:

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