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Develop:Brighton announces the conference’s first ever open roundtables

The organiser of Develop:Brighton, Tandem Events, has announced another new initiative for the conference this year. In keeping with this year’s focus on diversity, inclusion and representation, these roundtables will touch on several increasingly popular topics, including minority representation in games, mental health and the ever-ubiquitous issue of crunch.

Taking place over the three days of Develop:Brighton, these roundtables are free for attendees of the conference and open to everyone.

“The roundtables provide a safe place during the conference to discuss sensitive topics such as LGBTQ representation, industry diversity and dealing with social media trolls,” said Andy Lane, managing director of Tandem Events. “We want attendees to freely share their experiences, ideas and points of view with others. We’ll even be asking people to turn off their phones and other devices so the conversations are uncompromised.”

This year’s Develop:Brighton roundtables are as follows:

Tuesday, July 10th – 14:00
Spilling the T: Let’s talk LGBTQ
Host: Richard Franke (aka Miss Kitty Powers)

Tuesday, July 10th – 16:00
Why Mental Health Matters in Our Creative Lives
Host: Kate Edwards

Wednesday, July 11th – 14:00
What the Crunch?
Hosts: Patrick O’Luanaigh & AJ Grand-Scruton

Wednesday, July 11th – 16:00
You Shall Not Pass: Dealing with Social Media Trolls
Host: Grace Carroll

Thursday, July 12th – 12:15
The New World of Inclusion
Hosts: Kish Hirani & Roberta Lucca

Thursday, July 12th – 14:00
Making Accessibility for Everyone
Host: Ian Hamilton

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