The initiative's founders write how it is trying to fuel Android development with the new scheme

100% Indie – What’s in it for you?

On March 4th, the 100% Indie developer program on Samsung Apps went live – a collaboration between Chillingo and Samsung to shine a spotlight on the Android game development community. The program is spearheaded by Chillingo founders, Joe Wee and Chris Byatte.

As one of the top mobile indie game publishers, Chillingo has worked with developers from all over the world to bring their games to market, helping kick-start many indie developers to success with bestsellers such as Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and Feed Me Oil.

Joe Wee and Chris Byatte have now turned their attention back to their indie roots, in an effort to give back to the community they’ve helped foster.

 “Chris and I have been in the industry for over ten years,” says Wee.

“We’ve lived and breathed indie game development for as long as we can remember. Everything we’ve been doing has led us to this initiative. We’ve been planning and preparing 100% Indie for a while now, so we’re very excited to share this with you today.”

100% Indie is a thriving community where indie developers can meet, support and connect with each other. The site serves as an informational resource with articles written by thought-leaders across creative industries such as film-making, music and art – everything that will encourage and motivate developers to make incredible games.

Further support for the indie realm comes in the shape of a unique partnership 100% Indie has forged with mobile hardware manufacturer Samsung.

Android game developers are being given a valuable window of opportunity to self-publish their games on the Samsung Apps marketplace on a non-exclusive basis and receive a 100 per cent revenue share from their game sales.

“When we started brainstorming 100% Indie with Samsung, we decided to start from the basics,” Byatte explains.

“What problems are we trying to solve for indies? We looked back on our journey as developers and tried to identify what could have helped us along the way. As developers we needed revenue opportunities, guidance and support. Last but not least, we were hungry for inspiration to allow us to continue the journey when all seemed lost.”

The team at 100% Indie has been put in place to act as a curator for the non-exclusive self-publishing program; helping indies not only to get their games live on Samsung Apps, but to promote, inspire and grow these developers through a strong, supportive online presence.

The 100% Indie deal grants eligible titles 100 per cent revenue between March 4th, 2013 until September 3rd.

For the next six months the deal switches to a 90 per cent revenue share to the developer, followed by 12 months at an 80 per cent share. Only after March 4th, 2015 does the program move back to the common standard revenue split of 70/30.

“The initiative is designed to fuel the mobile game community and to connect Android developers with industry leader, Samsung – in order to earn an unparalleled revenue share,” Byatte says, but goes on to point out that earnings are only part of the far-reaching 100% Indie strategy.

“The 100% indie site is a community containing resourceful tools and knowledge that inspires the game makers of tomorrow.” 

“And that’s the same philosophy that Samsung wants to foster in mobile development; to give Samsung customers access to the best games available,” Wee continues.

“As a leading smartphone and tablet manufacturer, games on Samsung Apps are poised to have maximum audience reach. 100% Indie harnesses the strength of both Chillingo and Samsung. Our combined mission is to fuel development of the best, most creative and most innovative games the world has ever seen. Games that consumers will discover, play and share with their friends.”

To get involved and start earning 100 percent of your games’ revenue through Samsung Apps, head over to and register now.

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