Platform holder reaches licensee milestone, and has signed up 200 devs in North America in the last 12 months

1,000 devs sign to make games for PlayStation platforms

More than 1,000 game developers worldwide have signed up to publish games on PlayStation platforms, Sony has revealed.

SCEA vice president of Developer and Publisher Relations Adam Boyes wrote on the US PlayStation blog that 200 of those developers signed up in North America since PS4 was unveiled in February 2013.

The platform holder has more than 100 games scheduled for the PS4 this year, and many of those are self-published, indie titles, such as Octodad, Transistor, N++, GALAK-Z, Rogue Legacy, Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and The Witness.

“A year ago at the Game Developers Conference, we kicked our support for independent developers into high-gear,” Boyes wrote.

“Since then, we continued to partner with some of the world’s best and brightest independent developers committed to bringing their titles — some of the most creative and innovative games I’ve seen — to PlayStation platforms.”

While Xbox licensee figures are not know, Microsoft revealed earlier in the year that some 65 developers have signed up for its ID@Xbox self-publishing service. Among the first 25 games revealed last week were Contrast by Compulsion Games and Strike Suit Zero by Born Ready Games.

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