10m Live users shoot up COD4

Infinity Ward has unveiled a series of impressive Call of Duty 4 statistics, revealing that over ten million Xbox Live users have played the game since the title’s launch in 2007.

The data, which was posted on the Infinity Ward blog IAMfourzerotwo, included a detailed break down on how many of those ten million gamers completed all or part of the game’s single player campaign. The developer also revealed that 4.3 million PSN users have played the title.

The full data is as follows:

10,006,606 unique Xbox Live users have played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare since the game’s release.

71.1 per cent, or 7,111,508 people, have completed the game’s opening level, which the firm points out is more than the entire population of Hong Kong.

46.5 per cent, or 5,654,643 people, have finished the game, which is more than the population of Finland.

2.8 per cent, or 283,632 people, have completed the game on veteran difficulty.

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