16 years after it was written, original spec for 'Race'n'Chase' is released by programmer Mike Daily

1995 ‘GTA’ design doc unearthed

It’s only Tuesday morning, and I’m sure you’ve got better things to do, but you should really read this – plus, you can call it ‘work’.

The original design document for what became GTA has been posted on Flickr today, and makes for fascinating reading.

Posted by Mike Daily, who was graphics engine programmer on the game at DMA Design, the document dated March 22nd 1995 – 16 years ago today – details plans for what was then called ‘Race’n’Chase’.

The game was conceived as a ‘fun, addicting and fast multi-player car racing and crashing game which uses a novel graphics method’.

Although only 11 pages long, the document chronicles a mix of things that did and didn’t make it into the blockbuster franchise.

Mentioned are the three cities inspired by real locations (New York, Venice, Miami), the famed top down perspective, and a varied mission structure such as cops and robber chases, street races and heists. It also details eventually abandoned plans to include networked play.

But that’s enough chat, click here to read it now on Flickr.

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