Expenses return to trade body after Supreme Court victory

$1m legal win for ESA over violent game law

The State of California has agreed to pay the Entertainment Software Association $950,000 in legal fees after last year’s bid to regulate “violent games” was blocked at the Supreme Court.

ESA chief Mike Gallagher said California “wasted more than $1 million in taxpayer funds” to try and block games which featured violent content. The game industry’s defence, which the Supreme Court had concurred with, was that such a ruling would impinge on First Amendment rights of expression.

Gallagher said some of the funds will “be used to improve services for California’s youth”. The trade group – which among many activities organises E3 – said it would establish game educational programs for poor communities.

This month the ESA was widely criticised for supporting the controversial SOPA bill. Hours before the bill was shelved in congress, the ESA withdrew its support.

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