Unite 12: Molyneux studio crafted working prototypes on opening day; Dev icon thrilled by new freedom

22Cans prototyped its first games within 24 hours

Peter Molyneux’s studio 22 Cans completed game prototypes the very first day it began business.

That’s what the iconic games developer revealed at the Unite 12 Unity user conference today, speaking on stage at his keynote address.

"The first thing we did when we set up 22 Cans was download Unity," he told the audience.

"It was the very first thing on the first day. Why? Because I wanted to get on with trying things out. I could never do that at Lionhead, not that quickly."

Making clear he still found Lionhead a "wonderful and beautiful" place to work, he insisted, however, that preoccupied by the idea that would become cube-chipping experimental iOS game, he left the Microsoft studio to pursue that single game concept and a longing to try ideas quickly.

"I left Lionhead, went to the new 22 Cans building, got going with Unity and we had working prototype’s at once," Molynuex later told Develop.

"It was truly scary to have left my ivory tower, but personally very rewarding to be making games in that way again.

"I did however, quickly realise that while I wanted to be one of those cigarette smoking, coke drinking programmers that does 20 hours a day, I might not quite be smart enough," he added.

Molyneux’s current project Curiosity encourages players to work together, chiseling their way through a single cube to ultimately reveal a mystery item or concept hidden at its core.

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