'Everything that we do, every thought that we have is all working towards this full game'

22Cans will only make one full game, says Molyneux

Peter Molyneux’s new studio 22Cans will only make one full game, the development luminary has said.

Speaking to VG247, the former Lionhead boss said he wanted to create a title that would keep users coming back for years to come rather than developing a short term experience.

He added that only a few developers at the studio were currently at work on the full game, with others working on the Android port of Curiosity and another experimental game, the first two in a planned 22 smaller titles.

“Everything that we do, every thought that we have, every moment of a day, is all working towards this full game,” said Molyneux.

“22Cans is only going to make one game and that’s it. You just release that single experience then you refine it and adapt it like – and don’t think of this in any way other than an analogy – when a TV company makes a soap opera.

“They’re not thinking about making a sequel to that show. Instead they’re thinking of how they make this show as amazing as possible so that people watch it today, and that they will still be watching in a year’s time. I like to think of our game like that.

“But I’m thinking about, ‘how can I make this game relevant, and interesting enough for you to come back?’, but to also make it something that feels almost like a hobby. That’s a very different thought process for someone like me than making a game, sticking it in a box, and putting it on a shelf.”

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