And another 43% think theyâ??ll be gone within three years

30% of devs expect to leave their job this year

A striking number of developers expect to leave their job this year, new data suggests.

Of the hundreds of industry members that took part in Develop’s new salary survey, 29.7 per cent said they expected to leave their posts in 2010.

Another 43.2 per cent believe they’ll change jobs within three years.

The data reflects the extreme swings in manpower that the industry is subjected to, driven by the cyclical nature of consoles, partnerships and businesses.

What’s also suggested, however, is that the nature of the craft means developers want to fully explore the creative medium.

Of those who are considering a change of job, 26 per cent say they want a new challenge. Another 20 per cent want to leave to get more money, and 14 per cent say there’s limited opportunities at their current company.

Meanwhile, a large majority of developers are attracted to working abroad. The survey took data from developers and studios from all over the world, and 67.6 per cent said they were attracted by the prospect of moving abroad.

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