New Visibility feature culls parts of models that the player don't see to help streamline performance

3D optimisation tool Simplygon 6 goes live

The sixth version of automatic 3D optimisation tool Simplygon has gone live.

The tech is used for creating level of detail for games, allows for the optimisation of assets that don’t use LODs, turning high-polygon forms into game-ready assets, and can be used to port assets to low-end platforms.

Simplygon 6 introduces new features such as Visibility, which culls parts of models that the player doesn’t see, and reduces the number of draw calls to help enhance game performance.

Other additions include automatic symmetry and detection, improved texture parameterisation, a multi-threaded material caster and multi-core support.

“Simplygon 6.0 adds a number of features and improvements that the community has asked for, as well as some that our team have developed to optimise and improve the experience,” said Donya Labs VP Martin Ekdal.

“It’s seems like it would be impossible to deliver higher-quality LOD models while using less draw calls and fewer polygons, but we’re doing exactly that with 6.0. With the new Visibility feature, Simplygon now intelligently builds the LODs by maintaining higher detail in the visible spectrum while removing the parts that aren’t seen, all within a single model.”

For more information on Simplygon 6, visit the official website.

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