Def Jam Rapstar set to land on Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 this winter, with 4mm looking to integrate community features

4mm developing hip hopâ??s answer to Singstar

New developer 4mm is working on a music game where players are tasked with rapping along to music tracks.

Def Jam Rapstar is a collaborative work between New York-based 4mm and license holder Def Jam Interactive.

The announcement of the title comes just days after Rockstar’s founding duo Gary Foreman and Jamie King announced they had formed 4mm along with ex-Image Metric exec Nicholas Perrett.

4mm previously hinted at its focus on music titles by hiring ex Warner Music exec Paul Coyne.

Speaking to consumer site IGN, Coyne explained that Def Jam Rapstar will be showcased at the upcoming E3 event.

"What you’ll see when you come to E3 is really a number of things that we think are new and innovative and will make the experience of rapping a song fun,” he said.

It was previously understood that 4mm was going to focus on non-physical software for the iPhone and various online channels, before eventually working on projects for Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft systems.

However, Def Jam Rapstar is being developed for PS3, Wii and Xbox 360. It is set for release this winter.

Coyne, Foreman and King all emphasised the game will be tightly integrated with online community features.

“This just goes right to the heart of 4mm and the types of games we want to make,” said Coyne , “games that live long beyond the box. That actually allow us to create a community that does go on for a very, very long period, almost MMO-esque, if you like.”

“We’re going to give it features that encourage people to keep playing the game both on the console and keep interacting with a game-like experience on the web.”

VP of Marketing Lauren Wirtzer added that Def Jam Rapstar is one of the few titles that is directly targeting the hip-hop consumer base.

She was quick to emphasise, however, that Def Jam Interactive is a separate entity from the hip hop record label, adding that 4mm is looking to incorporate tracks from a number of other record labels.

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