Funds donated to Daedelic Entertainment Games, Right Nice Games and more

$75,000 awarded in latest round of Unreal Dev Grants

Epic Games has named the newest recipients of its Unreal Dev Grants scheme, sharing a total of $75,000 across five projects.

The grants scheme was launched last year and will see $5m given to various developers building interesting projects with Unreal Engine 4. This doesn’t just cover games; developer tools, educational resources and projects from other industries have also received funding.

Of the latest round of grant recipients, two are games developers. Daedalic Entertainment has received investment in its space-exploration RPG The Long Journey Home (pictured), which tasks players with finding a way back to their own planet.

Right Nice Games also receives funds for Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island, an adventure title that began life as a student project. Both titles are currently being exhibited at the Nordic Games Conference.

Meanwhile, three plug-ins for Unreal Engine 4 developers were also awarded a share of the $75,000.

Unreal.js is a free plug-in that enables devs to just V8-powered JavaScript in their UE4 projects, while Unreal.hx lets users write code in the Haxe programming language. Finally, the NeoFur plug-in helps studios create dynamic fur, fibers and soft fuzzy surfaces for both characters and environments.

You can find out more about previous Unreal Dev Grant recipients here.

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