A series of videos for getting the most out of your music and sounds on Unreal Engine

A guide to creating game audio with FMOD Studio for UE4

In this video series, Firelight Technologies goes through setting up audio tool suite FMOD Studio for Unreal Engine 4, and how to create a complex multi-track twister sound, hook up character sounds to animations and use mixer snapshots to trigger reverbs and adaptively mix a level.

You can find all the videos in the series below. You can download FMOD Studio and the tutorial assets here.

For more information on FMOD Studio, visit the official website.


In this video we’ll go through setting up FMOD Studio for UE4 and I’ll give you a tour of the level we’ll be creating in this series.

In this video we’ll create a multitrack ambience and use sound emitters in UE4. We’ll also create a 3D point source and hook that up using Blueprint.

In this video we’ll create a complex multitrack twister sound. We’ll also touch on surround panner automation and snapshots.

In this video we’ll create some character sounds and hook them up to character animations.

In this video we’ll use mixer snapshots in a number of ways to trigger reverbs and adaptively mix our level.

In this video we’ll create a vehicle sound using engine loops and autopitch modulation. We’ll also use Blueprint to generate parameter values to drive our sound.

Want more videos about FMOD? Visit the company’s YouTube page here.

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