Studio head Brendan McNamara personally owed AU $250,000

£830,000 goes unpaid to Team Bondi staff

The remaining development staff at Team Bondi were together owed more than AU $1.3 million (£830,000) before the studio closed down, legal papers show.

Studio head Brendan McNamara (pictured) was personally owed AU $248,000, through unpaid salary and his private company Depth Analysis.

A cache of documents seen by Develop shows the studio owed money to a broad range of staff before Team Bondi’s closure.

Studio general manager Vicky Lord was owed AU $99,000, while art director Chee Kin Chan was due AU $89,000.

Chief technology officer Frantisek Fulin had AU $74,000 left unpaid when the studio closed.

David Heironymus, a programmer who publicly defended his studio when it was engulfed by a working practices scandal, left Team Bondi with nearly AU $44,000 owed to him.

Team Bondi, developer of LA Noire, closed down in October following a voluntary administration process.

It is not known if the money due will be paid in full.

Finance executives have told Develop that, typically, creditors’ debts are rarely paid in full when a company enters administration. There is usually not enough assets to finance the final sums.

Additional fees push the total amount Team Bondi owes to about AU $1.5 million.

The process of reimbursing creditors would mean that each person owed will take an even split of the remaining money, if any exists.

That means McNamara, who is owed AU $248,000, is the least likely person to be paid in full.

A large chunk of that debt comes from his other privately owned company, Depth Analysis, which created the ground-breaking technology behind LA Noire.

The full extent of debt further disputes recent comments made by market analyst Michael Pachter.

Pachter defended the controversial practice of crunch work – which Team Bondi had been embroiled in – because, he said, game developers on triple-A games tend to make "a ton of money" through royalty payments.

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