Game recruiter's 'Get in the Game' university tour attracts 550 graduates, as Search for a Star continues

Aardvark Swift to place 100 ‘best UK coding grads’

Games sector recruiter Aardvark Swift is looking to find industry jobs for the top 100 UK games graduates.

Many will come from the outfit’s ‘Get in the Game’ tour, which centers around talks at 35 of the best games programming and computer science courses across the UK. The tour has resulted in Aardvark Swift registering over 550 2012 graduates.

"We’ve put them through their paces to filter out those that have the skills and the talent studios require," said Aardvark Swift recruitment consultant Mark Hope.

Simultaneously, the recruiter is drawing to a conclusion the latest round of its Search for a Star graduate competition, which, having accepted entries from some 50 universities this year, strives to find the best UK games graduate programmer via a series of three testing stages.

Pooling the cream of the crop from both the Get on the Game and Search for a Star initiatives, Aardvark Swift is now welcoming games developers to consider the graduates for careers at their companies.

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