Acclaim has thrown the wraps of its latest David Perry-produced MMO revealing that development of the game will be influenced by direct contributions from its player community.

Acclaim and David Perry reveal user-made MMO

And in an American Idol/The Apprentice-style twist, the most influential member of this user-built development community will awarded their own ‘video game directorship’.

Players will be given a chance to have their work featured in a massively multiplayer PC game that will be published by Acclaim and directed by David Perry. Perry will choose a winner from the contributors, and will then act as their executive producer.

“I’ve always loved the idea that someone, from their bedroom, reveals their passion and talent, then suddenly can have an absolutely stunning career explosion, becoming a famous game director with a pre-built fan base. We’re going to make it happen,” said Perry, who added that "some surprise guests" from the development sector will get involved along the way "to inspire and mentor the contributors".

He added: "This is the only chance I know of to jumpstart a directorship career in the video game industry. Everyone wins. They get to learn how to make professional games, and if they get anything in, they get a real professional credit on their resume. But, if they win, well then they get their life changed."

Registration for the game, currently going under the code-name op Secret, has already opened at Acclaim’s other Perry-produced, 2Moons and Dance! are currently in a public beta phase.

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