Independent dev studio to use Allegorithmicâ??s advanced procedural texturing tool ProFX in upcoming MMO Parabellum

Acony snaps up ProFX

Independent development studio Acony has announced that it is using Allegorithmic’s procedural texturing tool ProFX in its upcoming free-to-play title Parabellum.

“One of the biggest challenges of this game was keeping the game size as small as possible,” Acony founding partner Frank Trigub stated. “By using ProFX we could increase the amount of high-quality content and optimize the download size by factor ten. This technology is paving the way for free-to-play developers and gamers.”

Allegorithmic founder and CEO Dr. Sebastien Deguy added: “There is a direct relationship between the size of a free-to-play game and its success, so developers of such games traditionally tend to make cuts in quality, especially reducing texture resolution, removing normal maps, specular maps, etc

“Acony is willing to provide gamers with a truly next-generation, online, free-to-play experience, and I’m glad to see them utilising ProFX in order to produce the highest quality visuals, yet fitting in kilobytes instead of hundreds of megabytes.”

Parabellum, which is built using the Unreal 3 Engine, is an MMO first person shooter that promises “an extremely unique and fully customizable gaming experience” and is scheduled for release in Q1 2009.

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