Jason West and Vince Zampella may have received 'tens of millions', suggests analyst

Activision payout to COD devs may be $10m+

Ex-Infinty Ward employees Jason West and Vince Zampella may have received a settlement payment from Activision worth ‘tens of millions.’

The settlement came suddenly back in June, following a long run of bitter exchanges and reveals between the two parties that seemed to have them destined for a brawl in court.

At the time, Activision paid an undisclosed amount to West and Zampella (part of the ‘strictly confidential’ terms reached), and Cowen and Company analyst Doug Crueutz recently told Gamespot he believes the figure to be in the ‘tens of millions’ range.

West and Zampella were seeking $1bn at the height of the case, so it’s certainly within reason that the total settlement payout could reach those numbers.

Activision is scheduled to report earnings this Thursday, and Creutz made it clear he expects investors to ignore the impact of the settlement on the publisher’s bottom line.

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