GDC 09: Game development platform supports new audio, video and 3D capabilities

Adobe introduces Director 11.5

Adobe Systems has confirmed the release of a new version of its Director development platform.

The updated software promises to provide game developers and e-learning professionals with a range of new features for creating immersive gaming and multimedia applications.

“Director 11.5 is a significant milestone in our mission to deliver an advanced set of audio and video features for game developers and multimedia application authors,” said Naresh Gupta, senior vice president, Print and Publishing at Adobe. “With the brand new audio engine in Director 11.5 along with high quality video, developers can now create 3D online gaming experiences that are simply unparalleled in this space.”

“Adobe Director is a powerful platform for creating compelling and exciting 3D Shockwave games, which play a significant role in establishing our leadership position in the rapidly growing 3D online casual gaming space,” added Rob Small, CEO of Miniclip, the largest distributor of the Adobe Shockwave plug-in.

“With all our 3-D games being developed with Adobe Director, the new version enables us to deliver the kind of rich gaming experience that online gamers worldwide are demanding today.”

According to a press statement from GDC: ‘With support for a new audio engine, high-definition video and advanced 3D features, Adobe Director 11.5 provides a rich and flexible platform to create applications for both online and desktop worlds.

The new features in Director 11.5 include a new audio engine that allows developers to deliver 5.1 channel surround sound and create audio effects using real-time mixing capabilities. With support for the H.264 format and RTMP-based streaming, users are able to deliver HD video content.

Developers can also create and import 3D assets through Google SketchUp and SketchUp 3D Importer. In addition, advanced physics capabilities based on the Nvidia PhysX engine help users create games and simulations that model real-world gravity and other life-like effects.’

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