â??Virtual thespianâ?? Pascal Langdale says interactive entertainment can bring Sonyâ??s console back to the living room

â??Games like Heavy Rain can turn PS3 fortunesâ??

Heavy Rain actor Pascal Langdale believes more ‘interactive entertainment’ projects could help Sony stop "losing out to other consoles left, right and centre."

In an exclusive interview with Develop, Langdale spoke about the impact of the PS3-exclusive title Heavy Rain, which has now sold over 1m units.

“This is a way for Sony to bring their console back into the front room, and I hope they see that. It’s losing out to other consoles left, right and centre,” he said.

“Heavy Rain made people buy the PS3. There is clearly a desire for more of these kinds of games. People want to sit down with them, and spend all day with them.”

Talking about the future of video games, Langdale described how he believed DLC and episodic content represented the best opportunities for developers working on consoles over the coming years.

“The future of downloadable, episodic games is just around the corner. That future will be, I think, a convergence between film, TV and games.”

The full interview can be read here.

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