Bay Area streaming company now offers more back-end computing for 3D games

Agawi takes to Amazon’s new GPU powered cloud instances

Agawi is bringing its True Cloud app streaming platform to the new high-power GPU provided by Amazon Web Services EC2 G2 instances.

The new cloud computing instances Amazon unveiled yesterday allow developers to take advantage of DirectX and OpenGL when developing games for deployment on a streaming service, and backs them with a pretty potent GPU on the hardware side.

“This is a big step forward in virtualizing apps in the cloud and cost-effectively streaming them to any mobile device in the world with the lowest interactive latency possible,” said Agawi co-founder and CEO Rohan Relan.

“We are leveraging our cutting-edge technology and work with AWS to deliver a compelling and scalable platform for multiple use cases.”

Agawi’s True Cloud lets developers virtualize their apps in the cloud, enabling users to access content on mobile devices without the usual limitations of hardware.

With the advent of Amazon’s new G2 instances, even the most demanding applications can run on a budget smartphone.

There are limitations – bandwidth is a concern for any streaming service – but the cloud promises a future where developers only need to worry about one set of hardware specifications for any platform: that of their host platform.

Agawi claims users have already streamed half a billion minutes of content, and are consuming more virtual apps at a rate of 3 million minutes a day.

With the new AWS G2 instances making graphically-intensive 3D games a possibility for the service, those figures are more likely than not to get even better.

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