True Cloud aims to become first industry-wide reference architecture for cloud

Agawi to reveal new cloud gaming architecture

Agawi will be showing its new "industry-wide" reference architecture for cloud gaming at this week’s Cloud Gaming Europe conference in London.

The cloud gaming industry is beginning to get real traction, and Sony is rumored to have included Gaikai on its new console, but as more contenders enter the arena the software becomes increasingly fragmented.

This means developers must rework games to get them running on each different cloud hosting service.

"The previous iterations of cloud gaming have relied on piecemeal efforts and proprietary designs,” said Agawi co-founder Rajat Gupta.

“And in today’s infinite-device landscape, developers that don’t create numerous versions of their games have been struggling to get maximum distribution and reach.

Gupta thinks his company has the solution.

"Agawi True Cloud requires only one version of a game to ever be written in the cloud, and we can make it accessible on any post-PC era device—meaning that one game can reach an exponentially larger audience on tablets, phablets, TVs and next generation game devices like Project Shield,” he says.

This works by providing publishers and developers a single set of references for the variety of hardware, servers, and service providers that a developer might face in cloud gaming.

Apparently the idea is getting some attention, and Agawi has already formed partnerships with Blue Box, PEER 1 and XO Communications to streamline cloud service providers, management service providers and colocation centers.

"We’re excited to partner with Agawi on their True Cloud architecture," said Blue Box CEO Jesse Portman.

Blue Box has already worked with Agawi to bring cloud gaming to tablets, which Agawi has been doing for two years.

"With the explosive growth of tablets, mobile and smart TVs comes equally explosive growth in the cloud gaming industry," said Portman.

“That explosion brings added complexities to an already complex ecosystem; from GPU manufacturers to cloud service providers to game publishers. True Cloud promises to connect all the players in a seamless manner, allowing for much simpler cloud gaming adoption.”

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