Develop 2010: Console hacks are inevitable, says InstantAction CEO Louis Castle

â??I assure you that piracy is coming to consolesâ??

Though the PC market is often seen as the biggest victim of piracy, industry veteran Louis Castle has today issued a warning that no game platform is immune to hacks.

”Piracy is not exclusive to PCs, I assure you it is coming onto consoles,” said Castle, speaking today at the fifth annual Develop Conference.

And though systems such as the PS3 have managed to fend off the practice of piracy, Castle believes that it is merely a matter of time before the barriers are broken.

”I used to be a hacker in my very early days, so I know anything that can be made can be hacked,” added Castle, who made the prediction in a Develop keynote address entitled ‘Traditional Games Breaking Into Social Networks’.

Castle is the CEO of InstantAction, as well as a member of GDC advisory board, and an industry veteran of nearly thirty years.

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