Obsidian confirms Sega-published game is cancelled

Aliens RPG development canned

Obsidian Entertainment has confirmed that the development of the Aliens RPG has been cancelled.

Making an announcement on its official forum, a representative for the company revealed: "Rumors have circled around a bit regarding the fate of the Aliens role playing game that Obsidian and SEGA had been working on.

"Unfortunately, it is true that we are no longer working on the game, and we wanted to finally announce that officially to everyone who has been following its development."

Meanwhile, and official statement from Sega confrimed that the development of the game is no longer happening: "At this point, SEGA has no plans to move forward with the Aliens RPG."

While nothing has ever been shown of the Aliens RPG since it was confirmed in December 2006, Sega is still readying itself for the release of both Aliens Vs. Predator and Aliens: Colonial Marines.

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