Creators of Machinarium, Amanita Design, have unveiled a trio of new projects.

Amanita Design unveil Samorost 3 and others

Point-and-click adventures Samorost 3 and Botanicula (pictured), and interactive music video Osada.

The announcements were made by the Czech studio’s founder and game designer, Jakub Dvorský, at GameCityNights in Nottingham.

Speaking about Samorost 3, Dvorský said:

“We decided to create a sequel to our previous games because we like the universe and it’s open to many different ideas.

“But this time we want to change our approach in many ways. Most importantly, the game will be much bigger, similar in scope to Machinarium, and more polished.”

Referring to the game as an ‘interactive toy’, he said they wish to “create real replayability in an adventure game.”

“The goal of the player shouldn’t be to solve all of the puzzles as quickly as possible. The player should really enjoy just being in the game and playing,” he said, promising puzzles, mini-games and hidden Easter eggs for players to experience.

“We want to approach it like a music record. When you’ve heard it once, it still has a value the second time and third time.”

Dvorský said they will be adjusting the gameplay to make it inviting for both core and non-gamers, as he felt “Machinarium was quite a hard game.”

Amanita’s team of seven just started full production on the title, which is at least two years out. As well as being in HD, they are seeking an original take on Samorost’s distinctive art style.

Floex, musician on the previous games, will again write the music, which will not only be part of the atmosphere, but the gameplay too.

Samorost 3 will be coming to PC and Mac, and Amanita are looking to bring it to “as many platforms as possible.” Dvorský confirmed to Develop that Machinarium is already in production for PS3 and tablets, and hinted that their upcoming titles will follow.

Side project Botanicula is being primarily developed by animator Jara Plachy, and should be ready by the end of the year.

In this “simple, but quite large” point-and-click adventure, you control five forest creatures who set off to save the last seed from their tree, which is infested with parasites. Czech band DVA are creating the music.

“The game will be based on exploration of the world, on many funny animations and on finding small details, which are not essential for finishing the game,” said Dvorský.

Announced too was Osada, an interactive music video with a series of abstract scenes. It will be freely available from the developer’s website soon.

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