Developers able to take advantage of extra compute and storage power through cloud service

Amazon AppStream opens up to all developers

Amazon is making its streaming mobile games service available to all developers.

The AppStream tech is designed to enable developers to build high-fidelity applications that can run on an array of devices as well as give them access to compute and storage resources on the AWS cloud. This means that apps may not be constrained by device specifications.

Amazon said developers can now use EC2’s new G2 instance type for their games, which includes high-performance GPU-powered rendering of 2D and 3D graphics.

New features added to the service following its test period include automated version resolution, Mac client support and simplified documentation for developers starting out with the tech.

In January, CCP chief technical officer Halldor Fannar said the Eve Online developer had been experimenting with the service to enable play parts of a game while it is downloading.

For more information on Amazon Appstream, visit the official website.

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