Amiqus Me Anything: How can recruiters help?

Each month we work with our recruitment partner Amiqus to find the answers to the burning questions of job seekers within the games industry. 

Lee Hutchinson,
Double Eleven

At Double Eleven we use a mix of in-house recruitment and recruiters, however we don’t have someone internally dedicated to sourcing candidates so this work usually lands on our management team. More often than not, we’re too busy to take on the work and using a recruitment agency is invaluable to us as we get the staff that we need without a hit to our productivity.

Oli Christie,
Neon Play

I’m a great believer in using the best people when you don’t have the skills or time, so a good recruiter is essential for hiring. Some recruiters are too sales-y and don’t truly understand the studio or the role, but a recruiter who you can have a strong relationship with, plus a bit of banter, is key. They need to have visited the studio and seen and played your games, so they really know what you’re about. Then they can help sell the dream to the right candidates.

Stig Strand,
Head of Recruitment Teams,

There are some great games recruiters both in-house and external and finding the right one can save you time and money. I’m a big believer in building trusted relationships, ensuring that both parties are fully engaged from the start. With the right process in place, it makes sure you will be confident that you have an ally who fully understands the culture and values that make your opportunity the best one, to enable them to present your opportunity in the best light.

Dave Ranyard,
CEO & Founder,
Dream Reality Interactive

Two of the most important parts of any studio are talent and culture. Get these right and the rest (hopefully) follows. A good recruiter will not only understand the skill domain, from character artist to network programmer to creative vision holder, they will also understand the studio culture and ensure they pick the right candidates to fit and help the studio to grow.

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