'I'm convinced that other EU countries will now follow the UK's lead on tax breaks and propel the region back to the top'

‘An important day for Europe’, says Quantic Dream boss

Tax breaks for the UK would be great news for Europe as a whole, says Quantic Dream boss Guillaume de Fondaumière.

He said that without the relief, the UK games industry faced risk of collapse, and feels that more European countries will now follow suit in implementing tax initiatives for the games sector.

“Representing roughly 40 per cent of Europe’s development sector, the UK is Europe’s main hub for video game creation,” said de Fondaumière.

“If you consider the pace at which studios were closing down and talents relocating outside of Europe in the past few years, I think it is not exaggerated to say the UK games sector was facing a tangible risk of collapsing.

“This would have provoked in turn the fall down of the entire European development sector. With this in mind, I think today is indeed an important day not only for the UK, but for Europe as whole.”

de Fondaumière, also chairman of the European games developer federation, added that these tax breaks could propel Europe back to industry leaders, and put it on an even keel with Canada’s generous tax schemes.

“Provided the DG competition confirms games can indeed continue to benefit from such sector specific measures – a decision that we now expect early April – the UK would be the second country in Europe to implement tax breaks for video games after France,” he said.

“I’m convinced that other EU countries will now follow the move, creating a true dynamic that will propel Europe back to the top. Only together can we beat tax heavens such as Canada.”

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