'We have access to a whole new set of talent in gaming that we didn't have before'

Andrew House: PS4 attracting mobile developers

A number of developers are coming out of the mobile space to make games for the PS4, claims SCE CEO Andrew House.

Speaking to The Guardian, House said due to the new development environment for its next-gen console, studios were finding the hardware significantly easier to make games for.

He said that this trend and the ease of development compared to the PS3 meant the PS4 had access to a whole new set of talent.

“We have a new development environment that developers are telling us is significantly easier to make great games for, and we’ve undertaken a significant amount of outreach to smaller developers,” he said.

“And the net result is that we’re seeing a lot of developers coming out of the mobile space, and I think that’s a tremendously positive trend for console gaming. Essentially, we have access to a whole new set of talent in gaming that we didn’t have before."

Over the last few years, an increasing number of developers have left the console industry to enter the mobile game sector, either through joining an existing studio or setting up on their own.

Microsoft and Sony will be hoping that the PS4 and Xbox One can breathe new life into the console industry, having gone through the sector’s longest console generation, lasting eight years.

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