Opposing factions take out rival ads in national newspapers

Anger mounts over Digital Economy Bill

The Digital Economy Bill, which now looks to be rushed through Parliament before the next election, is facing growing pressure from lobbyists and internet freedom advocates.

Accorting to the Telegraph, the Open Rights Group has taken out protest adverts in the Times and the Guardian urging MPs to vote against the Bill, which includes measures to disconnect the internet connections of suspected file-sharers and allow politicans to block suspected websites without primary legislation.

“Today politicians are getting ready to rush sweeping new powers through Parliament without proper debate,” read the Open Rights Group ad. “The bill could mean millions of homes, schools and libraries are threatened with internet disconnection and tribunals. It could also spell the end of free, open wireless internet in the UK.”

However, the Creative Coalition Campaign – a group composed of the Writers Guild and Equity – has taken out a rival ad in the Guardian urging MPs to support the bill, saying that it is a “sensible approach to tackling online piracy.”

PCR has the full story.

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