Ustwo expresses sadness to reaction from players

Angry players one-star Monument Valley for charging for new levels

The critically acclaimed and million-selling mobile title Monument Valley has suffered a string of one-star reviews following the release of its new content pack called Frozen Shores, which players must pay £1.49 to access.

The game costs £2.49 for the full core experience and previously included no in-app purchases. The new content, which features an extra eight levels, costs players extra should they want to purchase them.

Despite being optional, numerous players have given the game low review scores as they expected additional content to be free.

Reviews of the game called the move “a rip off”, with one reviewer stating: “After paying £3 for the original game I’m not happy to have to pay more for more levels”.

Another commented: “I am so disappointed with this update and I expected the new chapters to be free, considering that I spent £2.49 buying this app in the first place. I won’t be spending any more of my money on this game”.

Developer Ustwo called out the low scoring reviews over Twitter and expressed sadness over the situation.

A number of developers have shown support on Twitter for Ustwo following the release of the update, with many expressing surprise that consumers are in uproar over optional paid content, particularly from those that enjoyed the original experience.

Despite a few exceptions, premium titles have struggled to make inroads on the App Store in face of free-to-play titles, which often regularly release extra content at no cost. The reaction to Monument Valley appears to further show a reticence to pay for content by many mobile consumers.

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