Lunar Workshop taking action in support of a worldwide internet blackout against the bill

Anti-SOPA indie dev encourages piracy of its game

US-based 3D indie developer Lunar Workshop is actively encouraging potential customers to pirate its PC title Digitanks.

Developer Jorge Rodriguez is sanctioning illegal downloading of the artillery-based strategy game, which usually sells for £10, after claiming that the Stop Online Piracy Act would mean he couldn’t make a living on the internet.

“Today is Internet Blackout Day, in protest of SOPA. To do my small part in the protest I encourage everybody to pirate Digitanks for free,” said Rodriguez, as reported by Dealspwn.

“If this legislation passes then I won’t be able to make a living on the internet, so you may as well pirate my games.

"I’m not asking you to buy the game if you like it. Hell I’m not even asking you to play it. Just download it, and pass the word on to your friends. Already own Digitanks? Download it again, just for kicks.

"There is no DRM on the original version of Digitanks, so this is really just the install files from the game, same as you would get if you bought it.”

The move coincides with companies such as Wikipedia and Reddit performing a protest against SOPA by taking its website down for the day.

The anti-piracy legislation is still being discussed by US Congress, but faces stiff opposition from many games companies, with the White House also announcing it would not back the bill.

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