User guides and assets packed also released

App Game Kit 2 gets new 3D features

The Game Creators has updated App Game Kit 2 with a new 3D engine.

Version 2.0.15 comes with new 3D animation features, bullet physics support and Assimp 3D model format importing.

The tools provider has also released four new DLC packs. Two of these provide user guides designed to teach novice developers how to use the tools. Two Giant Asset Packs have also been launched, featuring thousands of sprites, backdrops and sample demo projects.

The price of App Game Kit 2 is also being reduced to £50.30 + VAT.

“The new 3D engine has been eagerly awaited by our community and they’ve already started creating demos and games with it,” said The Game Creators development director Rick Vanner.

“We’re very excited to see what users do with all this new power.”

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