Head of iPhone marketing sees competitors â??scramblingâ??

Apple: â??DS is the past of gaming devicesâ??

Speaking to Develop, Greg Josiwak, Apple’s head of iPhone and iPod marketing, has revealed that he sees the company’s popular new mobile devices as the future of gaming, pointing to the DS as something of the past.

Speaking about Apple’s two new platforms Josiwak said: “It’s not just the screen quality – it’s the graphics capability, the compute power, the App distribution model. I had an analyst tell me in September – and he was so right – that the DS is the past of gaming devices, and that the iPod Touch is the future of gaming devices.

“It certainly has our competitors scrambling in what they’re going to do in reaction to this. I think it’s a tremendous start that we’re having at entering this gaming market, and there’s no doubt that that’s happening – it just is.”

Elsewhere in the feature the marketing boss discusses the opportunities the iPhone and iPod Touch afford smaller developers, and the implications of the distribution model and self-publishing.

To read the full interview with Josiwak, click here.

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