Customer outrage as illegitimate app features no gameplay

Apple blunder as Pokemon scam enters App Store


Jonathan Milanovic has contacted Develop to ask his name be removed from the article. Develop has declined the request.

Milanovic claims to have removed the app from sale “as I’ve [realised that a] few people are not aware of what they are purchasing”. At the time of going to press the game remains listed in the UK App Store, priced at £0.69

Milanovic added: “I did note that it was only a gallery, and supported this by listing the game in ‘book’ section on the App Store.”

However, the app is listed on the App Store’s Game category.

Apple has declined to comment.

Original article:

Apple’s reputation for safeguarding established developers suffered another setback today, as an unofficial Pokémon game that doesn’t play any content was approved for sale on the App Store.

The $5 app, called Pokémon Pocket Edition – has been developed by Jonathan Milanovic without consent from Nintendo’s nor The Pokémon Company.

The game has begun to accumulate rock-bottom reviews due to its lack of interactive elements.

“DO NOT BUY THIS!!! This is ONLY a Gallery of Pokémon photos from the games!” read one.

“We bought this because it said it was a Pokemon game and it was $5.”

Milanovic’s description of the app reads: “Marking the Pokémon series’ glorious debut on the App Store, Pokémon lets you verse and play as everyone’s favorite Pokémon, Pikachu, around awesome lands.”

The app description continues: “using the stylus to control your favourite Pokémon, zip across land and sea—even through the air—on a mad dash for the finish line”.

The scam puts into perspective Apple’s existing publishing guidelines and approval processes. The iPhone company’s general laissez-faire approach to content regulation has led to numerous game clones syphoning revenues from legitimate revenues.

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