Electronics giant finally focuses on games with clearest statement of intent yet

Apple: Game developers have ‘tremendous synergy’ with iPod Touch

Greg Josiwak, Apple’s head of iPhone and iPod marketing, has told Develop sister site MCV that the company is firmly planting itself in the gaming space – and is keen to espouse the platform’s benefits over the DS and PSP.

“I had an analyst tell me in September – and he was right – that the DS is the past of gaming devices, and iPod Touch is the future of gaming devices," said Josiwak.

"It certainly has our competitors scrambling in what they’re going to do in reaction to this. This product is capable of so much more, and there’s a tremendous synergy we have with the iPod Touch and game developers.”

For more on the company’s plans for gaming, check out the MCV website – and for more on how the App Store can create new opportunities for developers, plus Josiwak’s opinion on the company’s developer relations programme, keep an eye out for the full interview in the next issue of Develop.

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