Tech giant amasses $13.1 billion in profits during Q1

Apple selling 800,000 iOS devices a day

The tech company last night reported record Q1 sales of 47.8m iPhones and 22.9m iPads. That’s up on last year’s sales of 37m and 15.4m respectively. That works out as over 800,000 iOS device sales per day.

Profit for the period hit a mind-boggling $13.1bn which is flat, although note that its Q1 last year contained an extra week. Revenue was up year-on-year from $46.3bn to $54.5bn.

As well as quashing rumours of slowing sales of iOS devices, Apple CEO Tim Cook also shot down talk of an imminent reveal for a large-screen iPhone, affirming: "Without sacrificing the one-handed ease of use, we’ve put a lot of thought into screen size, and we believe we’ve picked the right one."

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